Centuries old tradition

From vision to masterpiece. What begins as a fabulous idea matures in the hands of skilled craftsmen and embarks on a long creative journey. The centuries old tradition of crafting high jewellery with wax sculpted designs highlights every magnificent detail.

What begins as a vision always finishes as a statement piece in the hands of master jewellers. The centuries old tradition of crafting high jewellery starts with a feeling that is transformed into sketch. From there the design is sculpted using special wax. Skilled craftsmen and gem setters replicate perfect wax molds into glimmering realities with a handpicked selection of refined metals and precious gemstones. Searching for the inspiring stone can take weeks or months before any one of our pieces begins their creative journey.

Lost-wax casting

The art of lost-wax casting is an ancient method of fine jewellery fabrication which dates back over 6000 years. Our master artisans follow the traditional method using soft wax materials, which allow reproducing the delicate designs to the finest details. Also called cire-perdue, little has changed of the intricate technique, with our master artisans following the same painstaking procedure as their ancestors. An original sculpture of the custom piece of jewellery is sculpted using a soft wax material.

Once the sculpture is perfected, the wax is melted and a metal mold is produced, replicating to the finest details the delicate jewellery design. 18-karat gold is poured into the mold and then the meticulous process of finishing, polishing and perfecting the gold is completed before hand assembling the individually chosen gemstones. The entire detailed process is a true labor of love and the dedication of an accomplished artisan.