Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme was created by award-winning artist Nina Vidmar to celebrate the beauty of all women.

Revelling in the fantasy of nature, honouring the spirit of femininity with colourful gemstones, precious diamonds and high karat gold. Nina’s magnificent, some of them as one-of pieces sing with a pure vision of unbounded beauty. Her bespoke jewellery, inspired by flora and fauna of the natural landscape, exists to connect the miracle of nature with the strength and spirit of women. Nature’s riches are a symbolic source of inspiration for her, a dream to treasure, now captured and preserved in glistening jewels.

I work with a unique mix of talented jewellers and unrivalled goldsmiths and together we capture the essence of the natural world in magical pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Bloom de Gemme woman is unique. She is astonishing and bold but poignant and pure, like a rare wildflower. She is difficult to find and impossible to forget. Unconventional and spontaneous, she doesn’t obey the rules. She is daring and enigmatic yet tranquil and serene, she embodies a perfect balance of opposites, aligned with the force of femininity.

Nina’s work passionately embraces the techniques of ancient craftsmanship. Each piece is precisely crafted with accuracy under the hands of highly skilled master jewellers. Wearing Bloom de Gemme creations makes every woman even more beautiful and unique. Let me introduce you to my exquisite inspirations of nature; the essence of elegance, an ornament of romance which never withers but blossoms for eternity.